How often should my suit be dry cleaned?

We recommend dry cleaning infrequently. We recommend that a suit should usually only be dry cleaned after it is visibly dirty or less than once a season if worn regularly. Each time a suit is dry cleaned, the fabrics and overall shape is weakened.

Where is your clothing made?

We're glad you asked! We make all of our clothing in the beautiful country of Thailand. Thailand's suiting history goes back decades when America had a military presence there during the Vietnam war. Many of the local Thai people capitalized on the American presence and one of the more popular trades became custom made suits and shirts with amazing local fabrics at prices far cheaper than were available back home.

Now, the American military presence is long gone in Thailand and many of the world's tailoring needs are met by factories in China. However we could not ignore the amazing difference in quality offered by this masterful long standing tradition in tailoring that has stood the test of time and has made Thailand one of the best places in the world to have a suit made. Our manufacturing facility uses the same masterful techniques used and perfected through decades of hard work..


What happens if my suit or shirt does not fit?

If your suit or shirt does not fit properly or as you expected you can get it altered by any local tailor/alterations shop. Suitly will credit up to $75 of alterations per suit or $50 per shirt. All you need to do is take it to your local tailor and have it altered, and submit the receipt with this form to [email protected] and we will reimburse you via the method you had paid.

Who should take my measurements?

You will need the help of a friend or relative to take all of your measurements. Suitly was designed to accept the measurements you and your partner take, they do not need to be taken by a professional. If you do not have anyone to take your measurements, you can visit most tailors or alteration shops with this printable PDF, and have them take your measurements to fill out later online. We however recommend using our online process as watching our easy to follow videos will help guarantee accuracy.

Do your suits have a full canvas lining?

We use half canvas to keep the suit lightweight and structural where it needs it most. The rest of our suit is constructed using a high quality fused lining.

Shipping and Taxes

How long does it take for my suit or shirt to arrive?

Your suit will take approximately three weeks to arrive. We strive to make sure orders are tailored and sent out for delivery promptly. If you are ordering for an event we recommend you place an order at least four to five weeks prior during normal season to ensure that it is received, measurements are accurate and you can get your suit pressed or shirt ironed in time!

Where do you ship to?

We ship to most countries worldwide. If your country is not listed, please send us an e-mail and we will see what we can do!


Can I make changes to my order?

We are able to accept any changes to your order usually within 24 hours, before your order status is changed to "In Production." Simply e-mail us at [email protected] with your change in measurements or customization options, and we will make sure it gets changed. We can also accept order cancellations within this time frame.

What if I want to order a lot of suits or shirts in my first order?

If it is your first order with us, we will need to make sure the fit is accurate before producing all the suits and/or shirts in your order. We will send one suit and/or shirt first, and then follow up with you to check the fit. If it is acceptable we will send the rest of the order as soon as possible and free of charge. If there are changes to be made, we will alter the garment accordingly to your description and credit you the local alteration charges you may incur to make your first order a perfect fit!